Productivity through optimized workflow

Our Mission

To be the leader in integrated workflow solution for small businesses in Southeast Asia through innovative web technologies.

Why our solutions?

We aim to improve with minimal disruptions. It's so simple you can get started right away.
Lead your business in the right direction with meaningful data interpretation.
Various vital business functions are built into a single product seamlessly to minimize double work.
We enhance your interactions with your suppliers and customers through innovative approaches.

Our Solutions

Handset Retail

Handset retailers manages a large inventory of sales items while also managing trade-in and repair of handsets. In accordance to law in most countries, proper documentations is required during trade-in. We make record keeping a breeze and improve insights to your business performance.

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Beauty and wellness

This industry is characterized by the type of transaction made- namely services, products and packages. You will also need a system to incentivize collaborative cross-selling and loyalty system to enhance customer retention. Look no further, we have designed a system to do just that.

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Food & Beverages

A point-of-sale system helps you take orders and record sales transactions. But should that be all that it does? Of course not. The data generated can be used to manage your business (e.g. for accounting) and optimise restaurant operations. Learn more about our cloud based F&B solutions today.

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