About us

In line with recent interests and developments in web 3.0, SOL59 will be committed to helping businesses strategize and position themselves to meet the growing opportunity in web 3.0 and ease business processes through a series of targeted business applications.

We are a full-service IT consulting agency specializing in SaaS product development.

We aim to optimize business processes through innovative workflow design and customized web applications. We strive to deliver high-quality solutions while minimizing disruptions to the existing business processes.

Founded in 2014 with a mission to deliver user-friendly and affordable and effective business solutions to small businesses, Sol59 has grown and expanded our range of business solutions from customized web apps to other essentials such as point-of-sale systems, business telephony solutions.

We build with

SOL59 is focused on delivering cutting-edge web 3.0 solutions to meet the increasing demands for collaborations within and across industry stakeholders in a trustless business environment.