January 15, 2022

Membership management system

Membership management system
Photo by Hanny Naibaho / Unsplash

Membership + Events + E-commerce in one place.

If you're in charge of the membership of a community group or fan club, you may be in need of a Membership Management System. Such software can help you manage your membership database and process applications for new members. In addition, a Membership Management System can be used for event payments and membership renewals. Here are some of the key functions of such software:

Self-service functionality.

A self-service portal allows members to sign up and update their information in a secure environment. It can also help you manage different types of memberships, so you can separate your members by type. Some software solutions allow you to schedule recurring payments, and auto-reminders. They can also automate the process for renewing memberships. We reduce cost by minimizing upkeeping efforts while retaining touchpoints through critical features to facilitate online/ offline interactions.

Database access and consolidation

One of the benefits of an online Membership Management System is its website builder feature. Websites are a vital part of any organization, so it's a good idea to have a professional-looking one. Our membership software programs allows user to have a website builder complete with e-commerce and event registration built in. So instead of needing to manage shopify + eventsbrite + another membership management system, you can easily house all digital assets in one place.

A Membership Management System should have easy-to-use databases. Members must be able to search and filter data easily. This is vital for a successful membership management system. Moreover, a Member Management System should have simple procedures to add new members. Admins should be able to add new constituents to the database by filling in a membership application form and paying a fee. Most of these tools also have a multi-user interface and real-time updates.

A Membership Management System can help you manage your membership database and customer contact lists. Moreover, these systems help you manage your members' information, and provide valuable feedback on the activities and benefits of each member. The software can also be configured to meet your specific needs, such as membership plans, preferred events, or reminders.

Membership management, communications and calendar

Membership renewal and recurring fees can easily be processed via the membership system in a self-service fashion. This helps to reduce churns that could otherwise happen in a traditional manual system due to oversight.

With an in-app instant messenger for fellow members help to improve timeliness of communication and improve overall engagement. Sale of merch and ticketed events can also easily be managed with an in-app e-commerce module and a event management module. In short, a Membership Management System can save you time and effort, and make your job easier!

DAO membership

Fan clubs and co-governance can be introduced to the membership management system by listing or delisting merchandize, approving events based on community polls. This will offer a more immersive membership-based access to telegram groups or twitter spaces where crypto payment can easily be integrated.  This is an upcoming feature and available on beta only, talk to us to learn more.