January 15, 2022

Modular Point-of-Sales Solution

Modular Point-of-Sales Solution
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Originally designed to cater to the unique point-of-sales needs of smaller businesses, Motra has undergone a major redesign to meet modern web standards, including that of easing web 3.0 adoption.

A modular point of sale system is an exemplary device for processing sales data. The system is made up of several separable modules that are configured to perform different merchant processes.

Our POS system puts together a robust collection of modules that can be combined to  meet your everyday business needs. It's flexible and adaptable to the needs of any type of business, so that you can start selling right away.

For a wider range of business processes

Your business process should not be confined to the limitations of your system. Look for a system that is designed to meet the unique requirements.


From a simple out-of-the-box retail module coupled with a robust Customer Management module that caters to package sale and redemptions, prepaid credits through our modular POS, enabling businesses better optimize revenue through the a mix of sale strategies.

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Jobs Management

Specialized modules intended to serve jobs-on-demand processes such as repair workshops, or customized crafts can utilize this module. From taking in a job, tracking cost to releasing job, both the customer and the staff can monitor progress real-time for better process management and service quality. Tracking consumables also helps to track project costs and profitability to better manage business bottom line.

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Specialized F&B POS can include kitchen display, multi-terminal ordering handheld devices, self ordering systems. Having these features at the convenience of your fingertip would really enhance the overall efficiency and experience of your diners. A high table turnover and customer  returning rate are about the most important metrics for your restaurant.  

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Cater to your customers whether online or offline. Through payment processing and ability to retrieve data via real-time API, customers will be able to buy your merch, book for a service or reserve a table effortlessly via your website or third party applications.

Hardware Agnostic

At its very core, it can simply be any basic laptop, mobile device or a tablet. It can easily couple with a receipt printer, cashdrawer, barcode scanner and card reader as required. The flexibility of the system ensures the right equipment deployed in any setting, ranging from a small pop up stall to a dine-in restaurant.

This major benefit of a modular point of sale system is its ability to scale up and down with the needs of the business. Using a click-and-connect mechanism, a modular system can easily accommodate changes to configurations or technology. Its design facilitates the flexibility of a business and is easier to adapt to changing market needs than ever before. This allows businesses to upgrade technology, as well as meet the needs of their clients.

Consolidated Payment Options

Depending on the application, a modular point of sale system may include several modules that perform different functions. For example, the main module 1000 may be a fixed device, while the secondary and tertiary modules can be mobile. Each module may include a power source, and can be configured to communicate directly with an online transaction processor or other service provider. If a module is wireless, it can also be connected to a network router.

Local e-wallets and Crypto payment acceptance

Our POS software ships default with a bunch of easily configurable local e-wallets and crypto currency acceptance for popular stablecoins and bitcoin via the lightning network.

Data privacy and ownership

All transaction data are stored locally by default and data is only sent to third party services such as payment processors where approved and needed to ensure high level of data privacy. It can run completely offline for enhance data security. While we respect full data ownership of businesses, we provide the option for businesses to store a backup on the cloud.

Beyond that, we also allow integration with FTP / S3 file storage to quickly write daily transaction data, closing statements and monthly report over the cloud subjected to individual preferences. Where required, daily closing data can be encrypted and pushed on-chain for reliable and unadulterated data verification.